Have you tried living life their way and it didn't make you happy?

You are a woman in the prime of your life, but you don’t feel that way. You have a high paying career and instead of feeling proud and happy that you’ve made it this far, you feel bored and sure there has to more in live then this.

I so get you girl! You have to escape life trough travel, because there you are happy, even if it’s just for a while!

All the while you dream of a life with action, adventure, love and happiness, but you also feel you have to live mediocre because you are afraid other wise you end up alone and not belonging anywhere.

That’s it right?

Are you ready to trust yourself and go your own way?

Imagine how it would be to

quiet your mind and start connecting with your feelings again, so you feel you are worthy of following you dreams and your heart, without needing the validation of others and can live with ease and flow.

Shift from daydreaming about escaping your soul sucking life to actually experiencing action, adventure, happiness and love in your daily life!

Feel happy from the inside out, instead of needing validation from outside yourself to feel worthy!

Feel the certainty of the universe backing you up.

Make decisions from your heart without feeling the need to check with everyone around what they think of it!

And you know it is possible too, because you have felt on holidays you CAN live a truly happy life.

And when you come back I know you have all the ideas about how to change your life….

But you also have the family and friends telling you to stop complaining, you have the perfect life in their eyes! And aren’t you just making yourself crazy with all your insane ideas?

But those ideas make you happy and glow from the inside out.



But let me introduce myself first!

I am Mijke, a free- spirited adventurer and true nature coach to guide you to your truest life. I am an expert at showing you how free you can be and how much fun you can have, instead of all the stress, exhaustion and depression there is now.

I am passionate about serving my clients, because I believe that everyone deserves to live free.

Free of (inside)judgement

Free of fear

Free of so called systems that doesn’t benefit you

Free of acting as if

Free of not showing yourself

Free of needing validation from the outside…


Everything starts with a true connection to you feelings. Only then you can feel what is best for you and only you and you can start making the shift towards yourself and away from all the opinions of others!



As I said, I believe everyone can be free. And it al starts with a true connection to yourself.

In our society it is normal to look around to what others might say, feel or find about what you are doing. With that, we all loose the connection with ourselves, with our feelings and with who we are. To be able to truly life your dreamlife, the way you want it to and to feel free, you MUST have that connection again. You can’t live relying on others to make you happy and to give you the validation you need, all the time, it will make you rely on others to much. What if they aren’t around? How will you feel then?

I wish for everyone to be happy, from the inside out. I believe that is better for us all. Because when you are happy, you will radiate that to others too, they will feel it, they will want to be with you and they will want to help, assist and love you. For just being you. The only way to be able to do that, is to truly love yourself and to have the quietness in your mind and the connection with your body to understand what it is you need.

Because you will only be free and happy, if you can truly be yourself. As you are intendet to be! And you know it!

– I know how it is to get up and drag yourself to your job every day, wondering how the hell everyone else is doing it, the same thing over and over again, knowing you have to do this until you drop one day.

– Waiting for the day to end, for the weekend to arrive and for the next holiday in freaking 6 months from now…

– Wondering if you can call in sick and dreaming about escaping your life, quitting everything, selling your stuff and just going away, to never come back.

– Knowing it could be different, because after every amazing trip you made, you came back with loads of ideas to change your life around…. except it never happened…life happened and years went by.

– Imagine how your life would look like if you would truly feel what would make you happy!

– How would it be to take back in control of the thoughts in your head

– Imagine getting back in touch with your true nature, trough going out into nature

– How would it be to use the great outdoors to experience your every day bliss

– Imagine feeling like you are on holiday every damn day of your life!


For this I created an 8 week online group program HAPPY INSIDE AND OUT

Where I guide you back to the connection to yourself, so you don’t have to listen to others anymore to tell you what is best for you.

Only after you have the connection to you feelings, body and inner source again, you can feel what it is YOU really want and need and start to change things around in your lif!

And with that you get the courage needed to look stupid in the eyes of everyone else so you can follow your heart!

How would it be to finally:

– Quiet your mind

– And stop thinking you are crazy

– Get in touch with your body

– Get in touch with your feelings

– Stop doubting you own decisions and asking others for approval

– Live and enjoy the now

– Stop worrying so much. About everything!

– Start living so much more

– Feel more stable and balanced in your life



Be the best you , you can be! No matter what!


You can start whenever you want, just let me know what fits you.

What you will get :

ღ Lifetime access to the library where all the content gets stored
ღ supportive video's and prompts
ღ 24/7 access to me for guidance and advice as needed, on whats app, messenger and email
ღ Pdf's with tips
ღ meditations and exercises to support you building the connection with your inner source and intuition and tapping into your inner strength
ღ and real (inner) adventures.
Value : € 3.495, -

Your investment NOW: € 874,-

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I want to show you, you can enjoy life and play outside, go on adventures, live like a so called hippie and still be serious about what you do. Because you do what makes you happy!
As long as you believe in yourself and follow YOUR heart, instead of everything (you think) everyone else wants you to do.



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